As Thetas at Miami University, we are proud of our scholastic achievements, our philanthropic involvement, and our loyal sisterhood. Most of us are not only dedicated, hard working students, but we are also very involved in numerous campus organizations. Every busy Theta needs some relaxation time to mingle with her sisters and socialize with other Greek organizations on campus. This is where my job comes in as Kappa Alpha Theta's Event Director!

I work to fill our social calendar with a variety of events, from simple evenings socializing with another fraternities or sororities to fun-filled theme parties. A few of my favorite annual events are "Coyote" (a Western, cowboy themed date party held in Cincinnati in the fall), "Crush Party" (an anonymous date party held around Valentine's Day, during which a Theta invites her crush without him knowing who sent the invite), and "Spring Formal" (a dress-up date party held in Cincinnati each spring). Other social events we have done include themes such as Famous Couples, KAOtic, Holiday, Caddyshack, America, Black and White Cocktail, and many more! The socials allow our sisters to bond and get to know each other better and they also allow us to meet new people.

In the fall, I especially enjoy planning our Dad's weekend. Most of us are definitely 'daddy's girls' and we all enjoy a weekend of planned activities with our favorite guy! Mom's weekend is planned for the spring and often includes a brunch, a shopping event, and other special activities geared toward us ladies!

As a Kappa Alpha Theta, you will surely enjoy a variety of social events with your sisters throughout your time at Miami University and beyond!

Mackenzie Buese
Kappa Alpha Theta Event Director         
Kappa Alpha Theta is committed to provide each woman with lifelong opportunities for social, intellectual, and moral growth. In balance with the chapter's excellence in scholastics and great philanthropic efforts, Gamma Upsilon also provides numerous occasions for social growth. Each year the Miami Thetas have a variety of social events with family, friends, fraternities, and other sororities here on campus.      

Some of our members enjoyed hot dogs and drinks at the baseball game grillout!

King of the Wing, a campus philanthropy, is always a popular event! Four members per team race to  see how many wings they can eat in a minute. Who  doesn't love Buffalo Wild Wings?!

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